Original linocut prints inspired by the urban landscape

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I have entered the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair which is on the 21st-24th November 2024. I hope to be chosen to exhibit and prints will be on sale at that time if I am successful. The six I have submitted are below:

Garden Prints

I’ve cut a series of prints inspired by the plants in my garden and used some new colour techniques suggested by my linocut printing mentor! See the Gallery and my Shop for more details.

Linocut prints by Billie Josef

I’m a linocut artist who lives and works in North London. I create prints from the urban environments we live in and love buildings, plants and animals.

I have exhibited my work at the Tavistock Centre in 2016, the Salon de Refus├ęs in 2015 and in the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition in 2018.

safe on the nest linocut print

“Safe on the Nest” came from when I noticed a blackbird’s nest in a nearby shrub. With all the cats around where I live, I wondered how well they would survive. So I made a print of them in an uncertain place.

As with all my prints, it’s printed on archival ink on acid-free art paper for a long-lasting print for you to enjoy.

notre dame linocut print
Notre Dame de Paris and the Fire

My latest work is pictured above, Notre Dame with the fire behind it, the tragic destruction of part of one of the world’s great cathedrals.

It’s easy to imagine that lino-cutting is a cheap art form. It’s just lino. In extremis I could rip up a bit of the bathroom floor…

But no it turns out you need a lot of it and all manner of tempting accessories. Who doesn’t need Swiss-made cutting tools and a Japanese whetstone?

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