Packaging Art Prints…All Dressed Up…

Packaging art prints can ensure your precious artwork reaches its buyer in perfect condition. So you don’t have to deal with a damaged print and returns and refunds. So with a bit of care and planning, you can securely package your art prints. Then they’ve got the best chance of arriving undamaged at their destination.

How to Package Art Prints

  • Cut 2 pieces of double wall cardboard slightly larger than the print itself
  • Make corner pieces from folding off-cut pieces of fancy printing paper
  • Slide the corner pieces on to each corner of the print
  • Attach corner pieces with masking tape to the cardboard being careful to only get tape on the corners and cardboard, not on the print
  • Cut a piece of acid-free archival tissue or paper to a size where it can be slotted in to the corner pieces on top of the print as a layer of protection
  • Place the 2nd piece of cardboard on top and secure with tape
  • Add identifying label
  • Slide into bubble wrap bag and seal
  • Add a few business cards so when friends of your customer ask where they got a print of such fine quality they can pass them on
  • Around Christmas time, add a hand-printed Christmas card. Because that’s what Santa would have wanted.
  • Seal into a weatherproof outer envelope
  • Ensure your return address is visible and send by trackable post

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